NOTICES - 14th January 2018


CARS We are very much in need of volunteers who can give a lift to church to those who would find it very difficult to get here otherwise.

FUNDRAISING FOR THE ORGAN Sponsor an organ pipe, just £5 each and a certificate of sponsorship will be given to you.

ENVELOPE GIVING Do remember that you can make out one Gift Aid declaration and then have all your future donations to St Thomas’ treated as Gift Aid. There are then special weekly envelopes available for you to use for your regular giving. It will save filling out Gift Aid forms continually. Do ask for the special weekly envelopes if you would like to use this • Please sign a new electoral roll form and place it in the blue folder provided. Everyone needs to do this – we have to make a new roll. Spare forms available! • Please fill in a questionnaire about our Anglican – Methodist relationship (What!? You haven’t done one yet!?) and place it in the box on the table.

PRAYER CHAIN There is a “chain” of people committed to praying in confidence for any needs that are made known to them. The first contact is Brenda Worsnop, and the prayer request is then passed on to each person in the chain. See notice board

FLOWERS IN CHURCH We encourage you to provide flowers for church. Some in the congregation may like to either create displays for church themselves or donate some money for the flower team to purchase flowers and create the displays. There is a list at the back to complete. Putting your name and ‘A’ means you are donating the money to the team, and putting your name and ‘B’ means you will do the flowers yourself. If you have any questions, or would like to join the flower team please see one of the following: Christine Nunn, Enid Walker, Shirley Buckley..

St AUGUSTINE'S CENTRE HALIFAX For those in our community very much in need, there is a Food Drop In at Ebenezer Methodist Church in Halifax. There is a large plastic box Underneath the table at the back of church to collect items. Certained items are prioritised from time to time, so have a look at the list (table at back of church). Help is required from anyone to occasionally take the box to Ebenezer on Saturday mornings,10am. Sometimes there are items other than food to consider donating (e.g. can openers; and scarves, hats, gloves as winter is upon us).